Live Expedition Updates

Mount Everest 2018

An attempt to climb the highest mountain in the world, in support of Save the Children.


What an adventure this was. My biggest, highest, and toughest to date.

I would love to be writing about a successful summit on the world’s highest mountain, but, for me at least, that’s not the case.

It wasn’t to be. At an altitude of 21,000ft, I had to turn around, to end my attempt at standing on top of the world. I had taken my body as far as it could go, which is hard, when your mind is telling you it can go further, higher.

Reflection is a wonderful thing. As is perspective. And I certainly had a good dose of that during my 4 weeks spent on Everest. All my fingers and toes are still attached, and I’ve learned lessons that can only be taught in the world’s most hostile environment, lessons that I will take with me on my next climbs, adventures and endeavours, whatever they may be.

And to add to all of that, thanks to the incredible support of friends, colleagues and strangers, over £11,500 has been raised for Save The Children and their incredible work around disaster relief. Wow.

Time for a different perspective now, safe in the knowledge that Everest will always be there. For the adventure.



One thought on “Live Expedition Updates

  1. Eva Lagrange

    Well, My first intent was to go through one or two articles. I ended up reading all your Website. It’s incredible how driven you are and how inspiring it feels reading you. You’re very talented, not only with your expeditions but with the way to report your adventures through writting and videos. Felt privileged to have met you. Would love to stay in touch if by any chance Australia, NZ Part II or Canada pop up on your next challenge list. Remaining very humble though, I’d be pleased to give you as much info as I have!
    Namaste, Eva from Wall-E
    FB: Eva Lagrange

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