Going Green

A little late, but finally i’ve managed to put pen to paper (keyboard) on our amazing Costa Rica expedition of late 2018. The aim for this one was simple; cross from one side of Costa Rica to the other, without using a single engine or motor.

Why? Well, I once read that Costa Rica, a country that houses an incredible 5% of the world’s species diversity, ran their entire country off renewable energy for over 240 days. I’m always happy when i’m inspired, when I read something that makes me feel good inside. This news had just that effect. And so on the 6th August, I set off for Costa Rica, and stood in the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean. My aim? To cross the entire country, coast to coast, only using human power. No engines. No fuels. Just me, my best mate, 2 bicycles and an inflatable kayak.

9 days later, I was standing in the Caribbean Sea, exhausted, but elated. I had been on a real adventure. From near misses with venomous snakes and giant crocodiles, to hanging out with sloths in pristine jungles and locals in towns with no names. 600km, 3 modes of transport, one awesome expedition. Pura Vida Costa Rica!!


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