Drones and high places

So here it is, the final edit of my short video for the International School of Mountaineering, a showcase of their UK Rock Climbing & Alpine Preparation course. It was such an awesome challenge having to carry and pilot my drone from the climb, but one that produced some ace shots. I’m now freeing up space on my memory cards as I pack my bags for New Zealand, where I know some cool filming awaits! For the adventure

Autumn on the rocks

As always, my latest post suffers from a rather lengthy delay and frustratingly, a bad internet connection! The result? My latest video isn’t that new and it certainly isn’t sharp, but hey….modern problems! I’ve been lucky enough to be working with the International School of Mountaineering (ISM) on some cool projects, including this weekend of rock climbing, filming and all round fun. ISM offer a huge range of climbing and mountaineering courses, from the rocks of the Lake District to the frozen ice in the Alps. For me…well, i get to film it all.