Follow No Footsteps

About 71% of our planet Earth is covered in water. The rest is a mix of solid land, some covered in the sands of deserts, some shadowed by the leaves of trees, and some rather steep and high bits covered in ice and snow. I guess that would help explain why still, in this day, there are parts of our Earth that remain un-explored, un-touched, and un-climbed. In August this year, i’m joining a team of climbers who plan to mix things up a bit and go on an expedition, a modern day voyage of exploration and pioneering adventure.

We are going to climb in the remote Pamir Mountains of Kyrgyzstan and attempt to be the first people to climb, summit, and name the peaks we find. In this age of immediate social updates, newsfeed at our fingertips and a thirst for all things instant, we are going to strip things back, slow down, drive a truck into the mountains until we can’t drive any further, and hike our way into the Pamirs to see what we can find. But of course in the interest of making any of this sound appealing to folks back home…i’ll be taking tracking device with me, just to keep my newsfeed interesting 😉


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