Ishinca, Tocllaraju and Ranrapalca

And so it’s confirmed, having arrived in Peru aiming to climb one +6000m mountain, I’m now preparing to attempt 2.

Tomorrow we head off for the Ishinca Valley and the entry into the Cordillera Blanca Mountains. Our day starts with a 5 hour hike to base camp (4,100m), supported by our 2 porters and fleet (is that the term?!) of mules and donkeys. Base camp will be a luxurious affair, with individual tents, our own kitchen tent and, what I’m told, is the mountain ranges biggest wine haul!

An extra acclimatisation climb up Urus Este has been suggested, but i’m now airing towards saving my altitude for Ishinca (5,500m) before attempting the incredible Tocllaraju (6034m) and then the main event, Ranrapalca at 6,200m.

This is such an extraordinary experience in a stunning environment…as I get closer to the mountains each day, I can’t help but think how much higher I am than the Alps! See you on the other side…



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