9…is the magic number

Climb mountains they said, it will be fun they said…

It turns out that extreme physical exertion at altitude can leave you feeling rather….high. 5 days, 23 miles, and 9 summits later, I know this to be the case. My assault on the Monte Rosa Chain, the expedition I have been preparing for these past few months, was a resounding success. In the 5 days spent ice climbing, hiking, ridge walking and mountaineering, the team and I stood on the summit of 9 mountains, each of which stands at over 4000m, including an unprecedented 5 summits in one day. As I settle back into normality, I can’t help but break into a smile as I navigate the streets of London, occasionally swerving to avoid a mess on the ground or a busy commuter, knowing that only a week before, it was the giant crevasses and 15’000ft drop-offs that needed avoiding. Stick me on the side of a mountain any day…at least it’s a bit cooler.


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