I have spent this week in Ukraine, making the most of my time here by catching up with some old friends. As is tradition in Ukraine, my friends wanted to do two things..drink and shoot. Thankfully, not in that order. We headed a few kilometres East of Kiev, over the Dnipro River, on the famous road to Moscow. Another 3 days on this stretch of road and I would have found myself in the Russian capital, but luckily we turned off towards a former secret military base after only half an hour and remained firmly in Ukraine. Being a good shot is a measure of a good man in this part of the world, and thankfully I hadn’t lost my shooting eye, the Glock, the world famous Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK-47) and M4 assault rifle all handled well, resulting in much back slapping and all round camaraderie from my friends Yuriy and co, all ex-soviet military guys and all expert snipers. The pump action shotgun was an experience (see video). As is custom, once we had fired off enough rounds to serve a small army, we headed indoors to drink. And that we did. After the first bottle of Ukrainian whiskey I had forgotten about my scheduled 6pm flight East to Donetsk and continued the traditional toasting and necking of spirits. More back slapping, and now on the Vodka. By the time I had to go to the airport, I could no longer feel my legs and the ends of my fingers were numb. It was 4 o’clock. We piled into our transport and raced to Juliany Airport, arriving with 30 minutes to spare before my flight, by which time the numbness had spread to my face and general body area. “Ah” exclaimed Yuriy, “you have lots of time before you fly…time for another drink!”. Brilliant…



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