The long way (upside) down…

What an adventure! In Tanzania we had to bribe Customs officers to cross the border, drove across the Serengeti and slept on the banks of Lake Victoria. Rwanda was unexpectedly stunning, we amazed local school children and were amazed ourselves at the scenery. In southern Uganda we were charged at by a Silverback mountain Gorilla, crossed the equator and shared a camp with elephants and hippos. In Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Parks we came face to face with lions and Nile Crocodiles, while cruising down the worlds largest river and avoiding dengue fever and ebola virus. Our 4×4 was invincible, we even swapped the throttle cable with one out of an old aeroplane….invincible that is until we rolled it on a bad road.

We were robbed by locals and police alike, but helped equally by many. We broke down, got fixed up, we drove for sometimes 8hrs in one day, through some of the worlds most amazing scenery surrounded by some of the most amazing wildlife. 2,400km…this was some journey. I have thousands of photos, but for now…just a few:





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