Staying alive

The only problem with having a tent on the roof of the vehicle…is that in the morning when the sun rises over the Serengeti Plains, and when the hyenas and cheetahs and lions are on their early morning scavenge for food…we have to make it from the tent, to the door of the Land Rover. Without getting eaten.

Our 4×4 African Overland Adventure (TM) kicks off in 5 days time. A year in the making, our 2,500km journey is finally here. All that stands in our way are the lawless streets of Nairobi, the hungry animals of Tanzania, the genocide favouring rebels of DRC and a certain Ebola virus in Uganda. A big happy birthday to Tom who flies to Kenya on his 30th birthday..what a way to celebrate. Getting to turn 31 would be a good present.

Our Land Rover…yet to be named.


One thought on “Staying alive

  1. Tom James

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Marc. Something we have overlooked is that not only are we going to have to get down from the tent, we will also have to pack the tent up. Not an easy task if a pride of lions decides to chose our recently extinguished camp fire as a good place to bed down for the night. I sense some high stake, rock, paper, scissor games in the weeks to come.

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