It’s all about the price tag…

Just take a load of dollars and even more patience

The advice given to me by my Uganda contact when I asked him just how we are going to cross the Rwanda/Uganda border. Apparently, a fist full of Benjamin Franklins is the way forward (literally), but we must make sure they are notes from after 2006. Clearly Ugandans also love that little feeling you get when a crisp new note comes out of the cash machine. Our destination, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We have secured permits to track the Kyaguriro group of Mountain Gorillas, a family group which make up a handful of the 790 Mountain Gorillas left in the world today. Slight issue…the permits are being held in the Ugandan capital Kampala. I live in Clapham.


Kenya to Tanzania

Day 1 – 3 ; 885 Kms

This is the first in a series of previews…each leg of our journey has been meticulously planned (written down on a battered bit of A4), detailing exactly where we will (hopefully) be each week.

Part 1, Nairobi to Mwanza. So far, this is proving to be the leg of which we know least about, there are no ‘roads’ on my map, the Serengeti and Rift Valley are pretty big..oh, and there are lions. Lucky for us our tent is on the roof of the Land Rover. Late night toilet visits are going to be fun.


Once at Mwanza, there is talk of there being a chain ferry to take us onwards to Rwanda. But there is also talk of the chain ferry sinking a few years ago and it now being at the bottom of Lake Victoria. TIA! (This Is Africa).

Don’t mention the wall…

The Berlin Wall, or as the East German Authorities called it, “The Anti Fascit Protection Rampart”, not the most obvious choice of toursit attractions, but something that every free man on this Earth should see. A poingnant reminder of Germany’s darker days.

And with this visit, I become of the so-called ‘Disaster Tourists”. On the cards next is a trip to the Ukrainian town of Pripyat, geiger counters and gas masks in hand. Why? Well, in the town is a nuclear power station that you might have heard of…Chernobyl. I love the feel of radiation in the morning.

With 6 flights in 10 days and the Carbon Footprint of a small country, I decided today to do something green. I took the 4×4 to the shops instead of the helicopter.