First post..

The first post to the blog, and by chance it is written whilst 1,564 miles away from London in sunny sunny Kiev. I would class that as a ‘far away place’.

The city is experiencing Euro 2012 (not to be out-done by 2012 as ‘owned’ by LOCOG) fever, or so the giant posters and banners adorning the main road from Borispol Airport will tell you. The sight of hundreds of women ‘workers’ frantically putting the final touches to the temporary flower beds and completely unatural looking grassy areas is one to behold, when I was last here in late 2011 the place was much more the former Soviet nation I had in mind…only now it has a 60ft high poster of Cristiano Ronaldo drinking Coca-Cola whilst wearing pink Nike boots and reminding the lucky workers that the he is coming to play football here. I wonder if he even knows where Kiev is.

My attention now turns to the small matter of a 2,500km drive around Lake Victoria, which will (hopefully) be the feature of this site for the coming weeks….


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